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​H O M I L I E S   a n d   T A L K S
Pilgrimage Homily in Tours, France

From Fear to Love: a journey back to the Sea of Galilee (a three-day mission presentation)

The Beams of the Cross: Lenten Themes of Prayer, Reconciliation, Charity and Sacrifice (a four-day mission presentation)

Forgiveness: choosing the healing  and recovering  the inner peace

Mary Around the World: a Marian presentation on the different apparitions of Mary throughout the world (available in Spanish and English)

The Lectio Divina: a presentation on scriptural meditation

SEVEN LAST WORDS:  A meditation on the Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross (available in Spanish and English)

The Missionary Heart: Topics and Themes on Being a Missionary

Keeping the Catholic Faith Alive in the Every Day Life of the Family

Called and Empowered: A Vocation Discernment Presentation 

An Overview of the Holy Land: presentation on a pilgrimage experience to Galilee, Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Phenomenology of Love: 
Reflections on the Sacrament of Matrimony

The Parousia:  Teaching about the End Times

        How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Jerkette:     a Family Bridges Presentation 

​Temptations as Crossroads Between 
Destruction and Grace

The Gospel of Luke: 
a 2-session crash course
into the Heart of this Gospel

I Got Spirit:  a Lenten Mission
on the Power of the Holy Spirit!

The Pathway of Spiritual Joy:
a five-day mission presentation

4th Sunday of Advent: The Little Big Things of the Christmas Story
Christmas: Gifts, Hope and the Spirit of Christmas
Holy Family Sunday:  The Holy in the Holy Family (Spanish)
Mary Mother of God: Strange Title, Divine Tension
Mary Mother of God 2: Mary's Sacrifice and Contemplation 

2nd Sunday Ordinary Time B: Being at the Disposal of God
4th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Listening to the Voice of Christ
5th Sunday Ordinary Time B:  Spring Cleaning
11th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Las Semillas, Los Arboles de Fe (Spanish Homily)
12th Sunday Ordinary Time B: God's Simple Expectations: Trust, Faith 
and a Good Attitude 
13th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Fully Alive or Spiritually Dead?
14th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Weakness is Strength
15th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Great Partnership!
16th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Jesus Wants His Church to Gather
20th Sunday Ordinary Time B: Eucharistic Food Nourishes, Loves and Unites
21st Sunday Ordinary Time B: Leaving the Church?
Corpus Christi B:  The Eucharist Unites and Transforms Us

Ash Wednesday 1:  Lent and the Beams of the Cross (Bilingual)
Ash Wednesday 2:  Remember... You Are Dust!
Easter Sunday B:  Fairytales, Rollercoasters and Grieving with Hope
3rd Sunday of Lent B: The Integrity of the Temple
4th Sunday of Lent B: Nostalgia, Grieving by the River
Holy Thursday B: Priesthood and the Many Opportunities to Love
Good Friday:  The Scandal of the Cross

Easter Sunday B: Fairytales, Rollercoasters and Grieving with Hope
​3rd Sunday of Easter B:  Reaching Out to the Wounds of Christ
Ascension of the Lord A: Jesus Ascends to Heaven
Holy Trinity: A Three-Year Old Boy and God's Purposefulness
Pentecost Sunday: The Holy Spirit as Power and Guide

First Communion Homily: Living Tabernacles!
All Saints Day Homily:  On Saints and Souls
All Souls Day Homily:  Our Infinities
Presentation of Mary: Self-dedication & Presentation of Mary